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New Apprenticeship Standards

All You Need to Know About the Reformed Trailblazer Apprenticeships

All You Need to Know About the Reformed Trailblazer Apprenticeships
You may have heard the word ‘Trailblazer’ used when discussing the new reformed apprenticeships but what does it mean? Intrinsic Training Solutions are an independent training provider able to advise you of the changes in the world of apprenticeship reform– we will advise you and guide you through all the changes in the world of Trailblazer Apprenticeships, and why it’s an important positive move for industry and apprenticeships.

What are Trailblazers?
Referred to as Trailblazer apprenticeships, Government call them apprenticeship standards. These are the new standards developed by government and employers to improve the quality of apprenticeships.

How and why did have the reformed been implemented?
To improve apprenticeship quality, Government recognised through the results of different reports that the old apprenticeship were out of date and did not meet the requirements of employers and industry. To achieve these changes Government worked with groups of employers – named ‘Trailblazer’ groups – to define what the new apprenticeship standards should look like. Employers defined the standards to ensure apprenticeships were aligned to the skills needed in each industry and for the relevant job roles. The new standards are designed to give apprentices’ industry-relevant training applicable to their job role and employers the skills they need in their sector.

What has changed?
The new apprenticeship standards are aligned to specific job roles. The new apprenticeships have a greater emphasis on apprentices developing and demonstrating full competence for their job role at the end of the apprenticeship. Apprentices are assessed on both technical competencies and the underpinning skills, attitudes and behaviours seen as essential to their job.

Apprentices record how they have practically applied their skills on real work projects in a summative portfolio. Apprentices also complete a synoptic project where they take a business-relevant project and build a finished solution in an assessment environment.

Apprentices are externally assessed in an interview at the end of their apprenticeship. The interview is a holistic assessment based on their portfolio and synoptic project Synoptic assessment, 'a form of assessment which tests apprentices' understanding of connections between different elements of a subject'. This is to ensure they have met the learning requirements of the programme.

Intrinsic Training Solutions Coaches support apprentices throughout their apprenticeship programme – helping them develop the skills they need to successfully complete the apprenticeship, and develop their portfolio.

Why change to the new standard?
The current ‘framework’ gives apprentices the skills they needed for their jobs. The new standard also does this, so why change?The new standard extends and improves upon the previous approach. Apprentices will still get the skills they need for their job role, but there’s more.

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We will be pleased to discuss these changes with you and work with you to maximise the effectiveness of your Levy.

Extension and improvement
They also get Coaching and support from qualified Intrinsic Training Solutions Coach. A more holistic approach to their training and development. An industry-validated programme ensuring they have the skills their industry needs. Skills in more current and up-to-date technologies that the industry demands.

All is going to change
Eventually, all apprenticeship frameworks will move to the new apprenticeship standards. The first Trailblazer apprenticeships were launched in 2013. Now there are over 140 and will this will increase, with over 350 in development and going through Government approval. The Government plan to move most, if not all apprenticeships to the new standards by July 2017.
So, all apprenticeships will eventually follow the new standards.

High-value programme
Finally, and perhaps the biggest reason for employers, is the value that comes from this new approach. Trailblazer apprenticeship programmes come with a number of benefits already mentioned, such as workplace coaching, industry - validation and a much more holistic approach to development. With Intrinsic Training Solutions you also get highly-skilled tutors, unrivalled learner support, outstanding training.

So what about the costs?
For every £1 employers spend on Trailblazer apprenticeship training, the Government pays £2. On top of that, there are incentive payments available from Government for employers using the new apprenticeship standards. With the Trailblazer model, when you take on new apprentices, you have the potential to claim back £££s for each apprentice. This can completely recover any initial investment. The apprentices you train will be aware of the investment you make.

What next?
Intrinsic Training Solutions and our collaborative partners are experts in the requirements of the new reformed Trailblazer apprenticeships able to advise and guide you – we can help you understand how apprenticeships can work for you and your business.

We will advise on the possibilities in expanding an existing programme or implementing new programme for the first time. How do you access the funding? Will you pay the Apprenticeship Levy? How much will you pay?

Get in touch today This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us 01482 845358.